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NOW RETIRED. Note: I retired from full-time work managing two charitable foundations in October 2014. This section describes how I operated my previous consulting practice for nearly 15 years.

Why Hiring a Consultant Makes Sense

Here are several reasons why my clients over the years found value in acquiring my services in strategic planning, sales and marketing.

1. Efficient use of your resources

Retaining temporary professional help makes good sense. A consultant can handle your assignment and quickly complete it on a short-term basis. Utilizing a consultant is an efficient and important management tool in this period of intense competition and business growth.

2. To acquire an outside view

It is possible to be too close to a problem to solve it. A consultant brings much-needed objectivity to the situation.

3. Temporarily supplement your existing team

Often, a consultant can supply important key skills when your executives are preoccupied with regular duties or absent for health reasons.

4. Save money compared to hiring full-time short term employees

Consultants bring you a wealth of skills and experience at an affordable price when compared to the expense of hiring a senior executive with similar skills.

5. Assured confidentiality

Chief executives and entrepreneurs use consultants to maintain confidentiality while handling private negotiations and sensitive acquisition matters, or to render advice regarding company direction.

6. Results - we do good work and deliver what we promise

Frankly, everyone who works in consulting doesn't work the same way. We like to think we're a little different.

  • We talk with you and then do a lot of listening
  • We make written proposals so everyone knows our analysis of the situation and how we understand the work that needs to be done
  • We tell you in advance how we'll approach the work and the schedule
  • We work with you to define the anticipated work product and what results to expect
  • We tell you what it will cost or the range of possible cost

Our goal is to do great things in quick time, for a fair price, and with no surprises. That's, perhaps, the best reason to call us to discuss a way we can help.

Thomas Zoss has performed the following types of projects for clients.

Tom Zoss is a skilled executive with a wealth of administrative and marketing experience supported by strong interpersonal skills. His consulting services take many forms, such as:

Communications Strategy

Most organizations communicate with a variety of "publics" in their daily operations, ranging from customers, prospects, students, employees, prospective employees, the surrounding community, owners or supporters, and so forth. However, you may not feel you are still in control of your communications "package." How does your organization appear to the outside world? How does the internet fit into your other communications channels? Who is checking to insure the public gets the image you desire? We can help you figure out and tune up your communications strategy.

Marketing Projects

When companies need to quickly introduce a new product, open a territory, or plan a campaign or video project, it often makes sense to bring in a professional on a project basis. Tom Zoss can attack your small or large project thanks to a short learning curve and experience in many different market situations.

Unplanned Vacancies

When the work needs to be completed now, but you're faced with a long executive search, you can accelerate the work with a professional consultant. Tom Zoss can do the job right now, without delay.

Ownership Transfers

If you're contemplating a sale the critical period just before you put the division, product line or entire business on the block can be extremely important. Tom Zoss can help you prepare, eliminating distracting negatives and accentuating positives. Increase the sale price and speed the sale with confidential consulting help.

Company Planning

Far too few companies have taken the time and trouble to plan their futures. The process of planning can be initiated at any time. Tom Zoss can guide you through the process, document the plan, and then regularly revise the plan.


An objective and confidential consultant can also help in negotiations, where business experience coupled with legal training can bring direction to your important negotiations.

Assistance in a Crisis

When things go awry and reputations or the future of a business are on the line, Tom Zoss brings a unique combination of management, journalism and legal skills to your aid. Whether it's a plant closing, an accident or other unavoidable event, immediate assistance from an outside expert can make a real difference.

Owner Advice and Counsel

Business owners can often use a confidential and knowledgeable source of outside advice or a sounding board for ideas. Whether as a confidential advisor or a member of your Board of Directors, Tom Zoss can supply that needed counsel.

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