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Standards and Practices

Candor is one of the foundations of a good relationship with a client, and I am pleased to share the following information to help present the standards of practice by which I have conducted my business.

In General

My consulting is operated as a sole proprietorship since closing the corporation in 2014 following my retirement as a foundation management executive. This is essentially a consulting and agency enterprise. Our focus is on survival issues for growing companies. We specialize in providing strategic planning, training, and marketing planning services.

Our core product is ideas, but because we are often allowed to execute the plans we provide, our work output may also include extensive research and training services, printing, media purchases, trade show displays, or assistance in purchasing other services and materials.

We can also supply speaking services, meeting facilitation, and workshops.

For all business except crisis management situations we prefer to quote in advance, based upon your needs and budget.

Prices and Quoting

Prices for our services and products are determined partly by their value and partly by the time invested to produce them.

For that portion of billings based upon our time, we use an hourly rate structure appropriate to senior management-level consulting services. We are retained because of the value of what we offer, not the price we quote.

Consulting services are usually quoted in advance, with the work clearly defined and discussed. This work usually involves the areas of strategic planning, corporate communications and strategy, or marketing planning.

By using advance quotations we ensure there will be no surprises in the billing process. This is often not possible with rush jobs, or when the specifications of a job change substantially as it progresses. In those cases we try to give you advance warning. Our quotations may not include state sales tax which can be applicable to some items. Also, please note that printing custom allows delivery of plus or minus 10% of the quantities ordered. Any such overruns/shortages will affect the bill and the quantities will be pro-rated.

Terms of Payment

This is not a credit business. For projects and services other than consulting our ordinary terms are "Net upon receipt, with thanks." We bill all media charges as of the date of close, since beyond that date the client is fully obligated for the space order and we cannot ordinarily cancel the commitment. Media billings are due as of the date of publication.

Consulting projects can involve large commitments of time and energy against extremely tight deadlines. For short-term projects our standard payment terms are 50% of the agreed fee upon initiation of the project, and the balance of 50% plus reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses within 10 days following completion and issuance of the final invoice(s). For long-term projects we will regularly issue partial invoices.

Outside Purchases

When outside billings go through our books we add a modest amount for taking control of the relationship with the supplier, partly to cover the time invested in managing the work. We take the 15% agency commission for media purchases, when available. For printing and most other similar project products or services we add 30% to the bill (1.3 multiplier).

We greatly appreciate your business.

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Thomas Zoss
3431 S. Weeping Willow Way, Bloomington, Indiana 47403 USA
Telephone 812-332-2334, Mobile 812-345-1924 E-mail to Tom Zoss

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