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This is the second of five pages acknowledging the support of list subscribers. For several years my policy was to list supporters of the list and include photos, comments, links, and so forth. The Zoss Pens List is a free mailing list for people interested mostly in collecting fountain pens, although it also covers a lot of different subjects. I occasionally send a reminder that people who benefit from the list (especially those using the free list to make money) might consider a contribution to the list. This listing was a way of acknowledging those who have supported the list, either because of their gains or, in the case of many, just out of goodwill. NOTE: In more recent years I have discontinued this listing. Several donors prefer to remain anonymous and I felt subjecting some of these "invisible" friends to criticism for apparently not donating was against my rules regarding civility. This page reflects early history of the Pens List but these pages have proven very popular to visitors so I leave them accessible. This section is not being updated. Apologies for broken links, etc.



Tom Zoss thanks you

October 1999

Ray Adams - Ray has been a bidder on some of the recent auctions, but never a winner. He gave up, and just sent in a check for which I thank him.Bill Keast/Bill Riepl - Bill Keast offered a MB 149 that had value but needed some work and Bill Riepl bought it. Bill Keats then donated the entire purchase price to the list, for which I thank him. He has been an interesting participant on the list for some time.David Isaacson/Harriet Scully - David sold some drug pens (pharmaceutical advertising pens) on the list as a fundraiser recently to Harriet Scully, who bid $33 for benefit of the list. I very much appreciate the donation, Harriet and David.The Richard Finn Collection - Renette Richard and Finn Perkins Harwood offered a copy of "Fountain Pens, Vintage and Modern" By Andreas Lambrou. The Book is signed by the writer. The winner, an anonymous donor, bid a high bid of $140, which has been received. Thanks to all of you. Be sure to check out the new web site for the donors by clicking here for The Richard Finn Collection.

Lambrou books Classic Pens - Mary Burke, sales manager of Classic Pens in Los Angeles, wrote with some happy news to start the month. The business was founded by partners Keith Brown and Andreas Lambrou. She said they appreciated my efforts at maintaining "such a corridor of information. ... As a token of our appreciation, we would like to present you a personalized autographed copy of, 'Fountain Pens of the World' by Andreas Lambrou. They also donated four copies of Lambrou's first book, 'Fountain Pens Vintage & Modern.' We leave it up to you to use these four books to raise funds as you feel fit." Wow! I had an older but pristine copy of the first, so I'll trade the autographed one for that. I also had the other book - a really fine exposition of fountain pens in the entire world, not just the U.S. This will allow me to sell or barter the books for support of the list, or for a couple of nice pens. You should check out the web site by clicking on the name, or write or visit them at Classic Pens Incorporated, 6601 Orange Street, Los Angeles, California 90048-4609, Telephone (323) 658 7367, Facsimile (323) 658 8886, E-mail: ClasPenInc@aol.com. I thank these individuals for their support of the pens list.

Nathan Tardiff - Nathan is well known as an excellent restorer and in supporting this list he sends interesting things. This time it is three vintage Parker-mimic pens, no-name pens obviously designed to emulate the look of Parkers. Your support of the list is appreciated, Nathan!

George R. Leblanc - George sent a nice note and a check. Your contribution is very mmuch appreciated.

September 1999

Auction 3 Items John King Tarpinian - (September Auction #3) John then went further by offering a Parker 45 Fountain Pen/Ball Point Gift Set donated by list subscriber Stan Williams of Campspring Pens, who said he has gained knowledge from this list that years of collection could not produce. He wished to give a little something back for all that knowledge. Then, pencrafter Chuck Swisher donated a handmade pen (model #CS-016 - Executive Style Fountain Pen) made from AquaPearl Blue and Black. Chuck operates Swisher Pens, which sells major brands and also handcrafts individual pens from wonderful materials (I am a proud owner myself). The winner of this auction wished to remain anonymous, but I thank that person just as warmly for the support, as well as the donors and John, the auctioneer.

John King Tarpinian - (September Auction #2) John "Auction King" Tarpinian followed the first September auction with another one. Gary V. Freeman, winner of the September Auction #1 (see below), operator of Irish Moon Marketing, Inc. and The Pen Gallery, allowed a rebid of the original basic black Cross Solo FP with the matching BP. A Pelikan M200 Warehouse Pen in Magenta/Gray with a medium nib was added to this lot, courtesy of Gary Van Freeman. Then, Joe Pallozzi tossed in a Pelikan 150, in burgundy, with a fine nib and a broad italic nib that has been inked only once with box and papers. Finally, Bart Grossman then offered up three Cross Solo Ball Pens, one in red, one in green and one in blue with gold trim, all in virtually mint condition. This lot was purchased by a supportive Art Mashburn, Jr. His note says, "Although I lurk more than I post, I find the List a most valuable service. I greatly appreciate the time and expense that you put into it and am glad to participate in this funding effort." I very much appreciate this - both the work that John King is doing, and support from Gary, Joe, Bart and, of course, John and Art.

Norman Haase - Norman in my "hero" because he donated an interesting HERO model 157 Doric pen, with a 12k gold nib. I hadn't seen this pen before and appreciate the donation very much.

Laura Berkowitz - She doesn't sell pens on the list but still made a donation this month, noting "I've saved quite a bit by dealing with some of the fine people subscribed on your list." Her generous donation is very much appreciated.

John King Tarpinian - (September Auction #1) This creative marketer started an online auction for the benefit of the list this month. Bidding brought out a winner in the person of Gary V. Freeman, operator of Irish Moon Marketing, Inc. and The Pen Gallery. Not only did Gary send his support check, but he allowed the Cross pen set to be auctioned again. Others have donated additional pens, so this is a continuing story. For now, I'll thank John King and Gary for your kind support, and for John's taking all the trouble to collect bids, etc..August 1999

Lamy Accent Ari L. Garber - regular list participant Ari Garber offered an interesting/unusual Lamy Accent for auction on the list. No takers, so he offered it as a donation, which I happily accepted since I had never seen this pen. It's, um... interesting and has some different features that certainly make it unique. We'll see how it writes! Thanks, Ari.



July 1999

Ink Sampler Greg Clark - this gentleman is the source of a very interesting publication, "Fountain Pen Inks - A Sampler - 1999 edition." This is the only authoritative reference on modern, current production fountain pen inks. The new edition is a large and more inclusive one, and he sent me a reference copy as a contribution to the list. It has articles, actual samples of ink colors and graphs, charts, etc... it's simply wonderful and only $25 including postage to the U.S. and Mexico. You can also e-mail Greg Clark for more information.

Kim Sinclair - Kim handled an online auction for the benefit of this list, donating the proceeds from the sale of three interesting pens. I thank you, Kim, for your support of the list.I visited Chapel Hill, North Carolina just after July 4th on a trip to take my daughter Angela for orientation at UNC-Chapel Hill. While there I was welcomed by several pen list subscribers. I very much appreciated the effort even though I became ill for a day and wasn't very sociable. Here's a photo of the gathering at "Fishmonger's Restaurant."
Friendly gathering

Shown here are, left to right: Ross McKinney, Jr., Renard A. DellaFave, Deb Kinney, Tom Zoss (looking a little "green"), and Charles Baker.June 1999

Amy Lane Watermans - Many of you know this source of Waterman pens, a list member who regularly receives online praise for her humor, good business sense, and her prices, too. Amy has contributed a nice Waterman Expert I that I am enjoying using. Thank you, Amy Lane, for your support of the list.

Another Joe Pallozzi Auction - A good idea circles the field and lands again, as Joe Pallozzi ran an auction for a pen on the list for our benefit. The Parker 51 Demi pen was purchased by Larry Kellerman, after having been fixed and put in working order by repairman Curt Dubanevich, who donated his time and the materials to put the pen in A-1 condition. I thank you.

May 1999

Ralph D. Robinson, Esq. and Gad Gur-Ari - Ralph and Gad, whom many will recognize as avid collectors on the list, teamed together (or should I say conspired?) to contribute a beautiful vintage Sheaffer's set to the list. This is an interesting and special set - we'll see if it gets stored for safety or used as real writers... don't know, yet! Thank you both for your support.

Curt Dubanevich - Curt has joined the world of full time pen repairmen and offers repair services, as well as a growing line of restored vintage writing implements. Click here to visit his web site. I'm writing right now with a nifty red Balance thanks to his restorative efforts. Thanks, Curt!

Woodside Works - Most of you know that Scott Woodside of Woodside Works, the U.S. Distributor of Platinum Pens from Japan, supports this site with a donation computed as a percentage of sales to list members who connect to his site through my support page link. Another check has arrived with a donation, so I thank you all, not to menton Scott, of course. Click here for more information on this way to help the list.

John King Tarpinian - John may be the "King" of mini-auctions because he has run several for the benefit of the list this year. The latest was a Parker NOS set, purchased recently by James Fulwood. Thank you both for your support!

Pino Traini - Pinot, as this Italian collector is called on the Zoss List, wrote a book and what a book! Stilografiche is the name of the book, and it contains a detailed examination, in word and colorful photographs, of this gentleman's extensive collection of vintage fountain pens. This publication is a limited edition, numbered and bound and in every way first class, text in both Italian and English. He is (I'm happy to report, since it is my own passion, too) a lover of Parker Duofolds, but the book also has Sheaffer's pens and pencils, and many other brands including some exquisite Italian pens. The book has humorous cartoons, contributions from others including his good friend, Giorgio Muccio, and biographies of people you'd recognize including Sam Fiorella and L. Michael Fultz. I have a copy of the book donated to the list and commend it to you all. Thank you, Pinot.

Tom Westerich - I met Tom at the great 1999 Chicago Pen Show. He is an extremely friendly person, very humble, but when you see his work you can't help but be impressed. His writing and publishing is most impressive. He showed me and gave a sample of his history booklet produced for Guidotti in collaboration with Stipula, covering pens from 1900 to 1920. He also gave me a copy of PEN PLUS Magazine, a wonderful publication in German. There are English translations of most articles available for download at http://www.omniweb.de/westerich. I also thank Tom for the fountain pen dress tie. I think he had a nice time at the show (didn't all who attended?).

Joe Pallozzi - Joe is a very lucky guy, and he is sharing this luck (or at least some of the proceeds) with members of the pens list. Joe won a contest offered by Pen World International magazine and became the owner of $500 in pen-related items. He then auctioned off several for the benefit of the list. I want to thank him for his support of the list, as well as those who participated in his auction. He calls himself a "newbie to pen collecting" but he's a "pro" in my book!

Tim Peterson - Tim came to the Chicago Pen Show and visited my booth, took the time to say how much he liked the list, reached into his wallet and made a donation to the list. What a surprise! Thanks, Tim.April 1999

Andrew J. Gnoza, III - a very active list contributor donated and auctioned off a Chuck Swisher pen with a Sheaffer Imperial nib fitted by Nathan Tardiff. I very much appreciate this donation and know the winner received a very fine modern handcrafted pen, indeed. Thank you, Andrew, very much.

My own MB146

Jeff Bourque - Most of you know Jeff - he's the one who sells great pens and offers great prices and has the world's longest signature at the end of his e-mail messages! Jeff noticed my inquiry for a used Mont Blanc since I did not have one and promptly donated a used 146. It may not have been up to his high standards for resale but I've immensely enjoyed writing with it. He deserves a full commercial for this, I guess, so write to him at: Jeffrey A. Bourque, CBC, President, Hemsing Advertising, Inc. ∓ Signature by Hemsing, 755 W. Big Beaver Road, Suite 1120, Troy, MI 48084, Tel: 248-362-0448, Fax: 248-362-3884, E-Mail: adman@mindspring.com or on the web at: http://www.hemsingad.com for Hemsing Advertising, Inc. or http://www.signatureonline.com for Signature Online. Thanks!

Donations - I received donations for support of the list in April from Scott Schneider in New Canaan, Connecticut, and again from ever-faithful Kurt Matthews in Torrance, California. Your support means more than I can say and I appreciate it.

Brian Miller - Brian Miller has been manufacturing pens for several years and sent me one he made from a beautiful hard rubber stock (black with blue swirls). It's a handsome piece, and I thank you for the donation. You might want to check out his web site at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Acres/3409/CustomPenPag.html. To all of you I say....


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