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Privacy Statement and Policies web site and
Zoss Pens Listserv

This is the policy statement for the web site, including the Zoss Pens Listserv.

This site is operated by Thomas Zoss.

We also operate the Zoss Pens Listserv, a free electronic mailing list on the internet for persons interested in the hobby and business of collecting fountain pens and other associated items like ink, inkwells, pencils, paper, etc. The list is free and open to anyone who can abide by the simple rules of the list. Most of the time the list is unmoderated, which means that a subscriber's message, if sent to the proper address, is automatically distributed to all subscribers. The moderator of the list assumes no responsibility for any messages distributed through the list. Each message contains the opinion of the author and no other. The mailing list software is owned by the internet service provider of the moderator and the moderator has little control over its files or operation. The list software maintains a database list of the e-mail addresses of all subscribers but no names or other information about these individuals. This subscriber list is not for sale, and access to it is blocked even for list subscribers. While it is possible for individuals to manually collect e-mail addresses of individuals who post to the list simply by reading the messages, no assembled list of subscribers is available from the moderator.

No "cookies" or other programmed tools are part of the pens list software.

When a message is sent to the pens list it automatically goes to all subscribers. The list now consists of humdreds of subscribers, each of whom receives many messages a day from the list.

For more information about the pens list please click here to read the file on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Please write the moderator a personal message if you have any questions about these policies.

Thomas Zoss
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